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    Friday, May 17, 8:03 am: Announcements:

    1. Mallary McGrath will draw for the participants' Piazza Challenge bribe errr prize.

    2. Kelly is interviewing (video) this afternoon in the hostel common room (upstairs).
    Contact us if anybody would like to be interviewed. Note: the interviews will be published
    on the Ryakuga YouTube channel. However, you will be given and approval screening before it is
    published. And, of course, you and Kelly are the owners of the interview.

    3. Participatory evaluation - strictly voluntary, of course. We first focused on participatory
    evaluations working for the McConnell Foundation on an evaluation of Communities in Schools NL
    at the turn of the century.Informed by participatory evaluations in the health field -
    particularly in Africa.

    Ever since, for every project, we have encouraged a quick participatory evaluation completed
    as soon as possible after the event. It's not a critical analysis. Simply how you feel.

    The questions are:

    What worked best for me? What would I do differently next time? The purpose is to help organizers improve a process and provide information for others who may want to replicate
    the process.

    So, if you want to participate - send an email to
    Use the headings "For the Website" or "Not for the Website".
    For the Website will be added to with your name
    Not for the Website emails will simply be forwarded to Joanie and Brennan
    (all the emails will be forwarded to Brennan and Joanie.

    4. Participatory conference report: An idea in progress. We are proposing a participatory communications report.

    Ryakuga developed a tabloid style newsletter process (patented as well) which has been used

    The kit has been used to produce newsletters in Canada, the Caribbean and Central America.

    Some of the people who have used Newspaper-in-a-Box include the community of Benito, Manitoba;
    the Ramea Economic Development Corporation; Community Studies students at the College of the
    North Atlantic;
    Gander Women's Centre; BAY TV (a volunteer community television group
    in Placentia); Youth for Social Justice groups in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia;
    the National Youth Council of St. Vincent and the Grenadines; the Caribbean Federation of Youth,
    and the Garifuna (an indigenous group in Belize, Central America).

    Link to
    Newspaper in a Box

    Thursday, May 16, 8 am: Just a reminder this is the Cottage Conference communication site. For example, Brennan
    lost his charger and we were going to post this as Lost and Found.

    So if you have any message for the conference and the world, email
    And, of course, the same goes for the world. Use the hashtag - #newruralstory or email us.

    8:15 am: The webcast has switched to a feed from our host community radio station VOBB.

    9 am to 12 pm: Opening discussions at the Lions Club.

    11 am: Webcast switches from VOBB to The Cottage Hospital Big Room.

    1:30 to 5 pm: Cottage Conference Presentations and Women in Rural Community Development Forum.

    9 pm: Shed Talk at Zak's.

    2 pm: Ooops ! We experienced a strange glitch in the system and got stuck in the playlist.
    All back to normal now and the Women's Forum. Refresh your browser.

    3:52: Hmmm - the Cottage Conference suddenly went in camera and turned off the audio.
    Zak's Shed is set up for the evening so we are now playing a playlist from the shed.
    Back live from the shed at 9 pm.
    : ) Wednesday, May 15, 1 pm: Mallary McGrath and Ivan Emke have arrived to be your on air hosts. Anita Best is our VOBB host.

    3 - 5 pm: Trina Reid, a local story teller, takes participants on an interactive tour of the resettled community of Bakers Brook.

    7 - 9 pm: Welcome reception at the Cottage Hospital.

    Thanks to Marife for the gorgeous Cottage Conference Art.