From (1992) to (2020)

      Problem 1: 1987 - Bern Bromley's Northern Pen wins awards as the best
      community newspaper in Atlantic Canada. Newfoundlanders received information
      from a myriad of locally owned newspaper and radio stations.

      2021 - Most local media have closed - the remainder are owned by
      foreign corporate media - Saltwire and Scorpion.

      Problem 2: The Political Deskilling of Rural NL Communities (Roger Epp).

      Problem 3: Regionalization = Amalgamation = Resettlement.

      Click here to watch a YouTube of Say No to Resettlement (1996).

      Possible solution 1 - Principles of participatory media

      Link to the YouTube.

      of Participatory Development Support Communications
      for the Sustainability of Rural NL Communities.

      Stranger in a Strange Land.

      Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.

      Watch the Moses Coady NFB film.

      Listen to Calvin White explain the Importance of the Spoken Word.

      Thematic influences:

      1. 12,000 years of indigenous wisdom - Mi'Kmaq

      2. Open systems theory - Australia

      3. Antigonish movement - kitchen meetings/university of the air

      Possible solution 2 - challenge co-opted language - participation, people

      Fieldworker's Guide - spectrum of community intervention

      Possible solution 3 - partners, together we can do this, our project

      Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador Annual Meeting, November, 2021

      Flat Bay Vision Community Radio Special Event

      IVA (Sanskrit)