Participatory Evaluation

What worked best:

1. Audio and chat features worked great.

2. Having mics muted while audio/film playing.

3. Thursday's conversation flowed well and stayed on track while allowing the conversation to develop and grow naturally.

What could be done differently:

1. Encouraging people to chat in the chat box during film - share thoughts on the film. Maybe encourage people to share anything
they are particularly intrigued by - just a sentence or two or more if they want - to get a conversation started/evolving

2. Perhaps a delay in beginning. For example, if an event is scheduled for 6pm with many participants, we wait until about 6:05
to begin (everyone runs into technical issues from time to time). Have host be available for participants to contact in the event
they are having trouble logging in.

Other: -If recording, remember to tell participants that they're being recorded.

-If there are a large amount of people joining or participants who may not know each other, take a few minutes at the beginning
for introductions if it may be useful for the conversation.

What worked best:

1. The conversation.

2. The chat while the video was playing - particularly accents.

3. Archiving the media on a living website.

What could be done differently:

1. Note to self: hold the mic and use an omni-directional. : )

2. Ask people to chat during videos. But mute mics.

3. Even when switching to internet radio (which is especially for rural people who don't have bandwidth for zoom)
continue to play the audio file through zoom as well.

4. Personally request participation rather than relying on Twitter, Facebook or Website.

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